What is an ELD, AOBRDs, and EOBRs? What are their differences?

AOBRDs (Automatic On-Board Recording Devices)

AOBRDs are meant to track a driver’s duty status automatically and accurately. They are still part of the current FMCSA regulations. The term has been defined since the 1980’s.

EOBR (Electronic On-Board Recording Devices)

EOBRs are meant to replace AOBRDs. FMCSA used the new term in their 2010 Rule, which was then vacated in 2011.

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

ELD is the most recent term used to describe the electronic devices used to track drivers’ RODS (Record of Duty Status) automatically. ELDs need to be certified by the Department of Transportation. Otherwise, users of the non-certified ELDs would still be considered as non-compliant even if they have the device installed in their trucks.