Small fleets and owner-operators are lagging in ELD compliance
Smaller fleets and owner-operators are lagging in ELD compliance

According to the ongoing survey by CarrierLists, smaller fleets (with less than 20 trucks) and owner-operators are still lagging in complying with the FMCSA’s ELD mandate. Their compliance rate is hovering around 85%.

On the other hand, larger fleets (fleets with more than 20 vehicles) have a compliance rate of up to 98%.

According to Kevin Hill, the President and Founder of CarrierLists:

“For the six months we have been releasing weekly ELD compliance results, three categories have always lagged the field: smaller fleets, regional operators, and dry bulk haulers. All three continue to drag the overall ELD compliance rate down. For example, over the past three weeks, fleets operating under 20 trucks are at 85% ELD compliance compared to 98% for fleets running over 20 trucks.”

It also noted that the compliance rate of small fleets in the last week has dropped to 82%, making the three-week moving average come down to 87%.

The survey also discovered that compliance rates are lower in the Southern U.S. when compared with ELD compliance rates in Northwest and Midwest.

For example, California showed a compliance rate of 85% — a percentage lower than the expected. Expectations were higher because of the state’s regulatory-focused nature.

Kelvin also added that long-haul fleets in the flatbeds, dry van, and refrigerated segments are showing over 90% compliance rates. This figure is consistent week-over-week.

Andrew Lockwood from the Kenco Group believes that ELD compliance rates will hover between 5% to 10% around April 1, 2018.

He said, “The line of thinking seems to be, among many of them, that there still may be some changes. Others may be thinking they are not covered by the mandate — that they run within 150 air miles of their home base.”

He also added, “… if you run one day a month beyond that [150 air-mile radius], you will probably be okay. But if you do that once a week, you will be in trouble.”

The April 1 ELD enforcement deadline

April 1, 2018, marks the ELD enforcement deadline.

If a driver doesn’t have an ELD after April 1, he/she will face severe penalties. ELD violations will place drivers out of service and also negatively affect the CSA scores.

The FMCSA recently detailed the out-of-service and return-to-duty procedures. According to that announcement, the driver, assuming he has paper logs, will be allowed to reach his destination and deliver the load. However, the driver will require a compliant ELD solution before being dispatched on the next trip.

Instead of waiting to be placed out of service, it is recommended that you install ELDs before full enforcement begins — which is just a few days away.

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