The FMCSA Reminds Safety Inspectors the Importance of Registered ELDs
The FMCSA Reminds Safety Inspectors the Importance of Registered ELDs

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) hosted the North American Inspectors Championship (NAIC) on August 7-11, 2017.

The event not only gives accolades to inspectors, but it also provides them the avenue to share techniques and insights with other inspectors. In addition to that, the NAIC also provides training on standards of inspection procedures, latest commercial motor vehicle safety trends, and technologies.

One of the presentations during the event was done by a transportation specialist from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passenger carrier division, Danielle Smith.

During her presentation, Smith accentuated the importance of ELD registration with the FMCSA.

Addressing the…

AOBRDs or ELDs - What are the differences and what should you buy?
The Differences Between AOBRDs and ELDs (And What You Should Buy)

With the ELD mandate approaching its compliance deadline, the need for fleet owners to decide between AOBRDs or ELDs is becoming all the more important. There is a lot of confusion going on in the trucking industry, and the decision of choosing between the two types of devices has presented itself as a bigger challenge than expected.

Let’s take a step back and try to understand how these two devices are different from each other, and what choosing either of them would mean for your fleet.

ELD Mandate: The Grandfather Clause

Before we jump into the technical details, it…

Getting Ready for ELD Mandate
3 Tips to Help You Prepare for the ELD Mandate

In less than four months, the ELD mandate will be implemented.

The closer the implementation date gets, the more talks there are on the internet about how “scary” the times are for the trucking industry. For the most part, this disturbance stems from the fact that several carriers have yet to take any action and install electronic logging devices.

With how severe the possible consequences are for noncompliance, those who are nowhere near transitioning can’t help but feel anxious about the mandate’s implementation date.

The good news, however, is the process of transitioning to ELDs is pretty straightforward.

It is…

The ELD Mandate Delay Bill Lacks Support
The ELD Mandate Delay Bill Lacks Support

U.S. Representative Brian Babin’s recently-introduced bill on delaying the ELD mandate’s compliance date is unlikely to garner enough support it needs to become law.

With the legislation facing multiple obstacles in its path, and with the fast approaching deadline for ELD implementation, the chances of the bill becoming law is getting slimmer with each passing day.

The bill was introduced last July 18, 2017, to the House of Representatives and was referred to the House’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

It is officially entitled as “H.R. 3282, the ELD Extension Act of 2017.”


Specialized Fleet Equipment Seeks ELD Mandate Exemption
Specialized Equipment Fleet Wants Exemption from the ELD Mandate

According to recent news, the Pipe Line Contractors Association (PLCA) and MBI Energy Services, a water service hauling fleet in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado, are seeking exemptions from the ELD mandate.

Both the organizations have filed their cases for a review by the authorities. The FMCSA has opened them for public comments for 30 days.

Let’s discuss each exemption request in more detail:

Exemption Request by the PLCA

The PLCA claims that their drivers usually operate within the short-haul exception. However, sometimes they exceed the short-haul exception for more than…

The FMCSA Clarifies the Pre-2000 Model Year Engine Exemption
The FMCSA Clarifies the Pre-2000 Model Year Exemption

A recently updated FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) FAQ reveals that one of the ELD mandate exemptions is now based on the model year of the engine instead of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

As you must know that the ELD mandate has four major exemptions. As per these exemptions, you won’t need an electronic logging device if:

  • You are a towaway driver
  • You are not required to maintain RODS
  • You maintain RODS for no more than 8 days in a 30-day period
  • If you have a pre-2000 vehicle

The last exemption was always…

The Senate Bill Skips Changes to ELD Mandate
No Major ELD Mandate Changes in the Senate DOT Bill

A recent DOT bill by the Senate Appropriations Committee steered clear from any major changes to the FMCSA trucking policies and the upcoming ELD mandate.

Last July 27, 2017, the Senate Appropriations Committee released an appropriations bill for USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and other related departments for the 2018 fiscal year.

This bill, however, was different from the bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee.

The House bill offered another year to livestock haulers to adopt the ELD mandate, included the Denham Amendment provision, and prevented the FMCSA from pursuing an…

The Possibility of ELD Supply Shortage
The Possibility of ELD Supply Shortage

The deadline for the ELD mandate is less than 4 months away now.

While a large majority of fleets in the U.S. have successfully implemented ELDs, there are still many carriers who are waiting until the last moment. We expect there to be a large influx of carriers looking for ELDs at the eleventh hour, which could result in an ELD supply shortage.

As a result, there will be many trucking companies that won’t be able to get ELDs in time.

When that happens, the trucking company without ELDs won’t have much choice but to put their operations on…

The Power of Big Data for Fleet Managers
The Power of Big Data for Fleet Managers

Big data has paved its way into all fields of technology and is increasingly becoming the go-to tech for basing business decisions. According to Harvard Business Review:

“Because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance.”

The trucking industry has been evolving over the past few years. With the introduction of technologies such as ELDs, we expect that big data is going to be a major component for fleets going forward.

How can fleet managers tap into the power of big data…

4 Ways Commercial Drivers Can Save More Fuel
4 Ways Commercial Drivers Can Save More Fuel

With constantly rising gas prices and other swelling expenditures, fleet management can be a very difficult job. It is estimated that approximately 38% of total annual carrier costs are just fuel-related expenditures.

While fleet managers can’t reduce all expenditures, there are efficient ways to reduce the money fleets spend on fuel consumption every month.

In this blog post, we discuss 4 proven ways commercial drivers and fleet managers can combine forces and save thousands of dollars in fuel consumption.

Planning the Best Routes for Drivers

In today’s trucking industry, one of the most important responsibilities of a fleet manager is…