Livestock/ag haulers now have 3 more months to comply with the ELD mandate

The FMCSA has given another 90-day extension to livestock and ag haulers to comply with the ELD mandate.

They have now until June 18 to install compliant electronic logging devices. In the meanwhile, they can continue to use paper logs when required.


Although the ELD mandate became effective on December 18, 2017, livestock and ag haulers were finding it difficult to comply with the FMCSA’s mandate.

The agricultural industry faces unique and complex challenges; their problems were magnified with the implementation of the ELD mandate. Therefore, the FMCSA decided to grant a 90-day…

Canadian ELD mandate to “mirror” the ELD rule in America
Canada’s ELD mandate to “mirror” the ELD rule in the USA

To avoid any conflict between Canada and the United States over electronic logs, a top-level officer of the Canadian Transport Alliance (CTA) told that the proposed Canadian ELD mandate would “mirror” the U.S. ELD mandate.

Speaking at the Omnitracs Outlook 2018 held on February 27 in Nashville, CTA’s Senior Vice President of Policy Geoffrey Wood said, “The goal of this effort in Canada is to mirror the effort here in the U.S.

The Canadian government published the draft ELD rule in the Gazette on December 16 last year. Wood hopes that after…

Raymond Martinez become the new head of the FMCSA
Raymond Martinez becomes the new head of the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration now has a new boss.

Raymond P. Martinez, President Trump’s choice to head the agency, has officially assumed the FMCSA’s top post.

The FMCSA is an agency under the U.S. transportation department and regulates the trucking and bus industry in the United States.

Transportation secretary Elaine Chao, who swore Martinez in, said, “Ray’s years of experience promoting traffic safety at the state level, as well as his knowledge of the commercial motor vehicle industry, will help FMCSA fulfill its critical mission of improving truck and bus safety.”

Martinez described his appointment as “an honor and privilege” to…

How the spot market fared in February
How the spot market fared in February

DAT reported that the average van rate nationwide dropped last month. However, that was expected to happen.

Mike Sullivan of DAT said: “That’s pretty typical.”

What’s less typical is that the national average is still higher than it was at any point in 2017.”

Sullivan noted that spot prices slumped “more slowly” in February. However, last month’s volumes were still higher compared to any point in 2017.

The spot market has been performing well after the ELD mandate took effect on December 18.

In fact, reported that spot market per-mile rates in all three…

The DOT has set up a search tool; full registry remains offline

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) updates that truckers can now search the DOT registry for certified examiners using zip codes. However, the full registry stays down after the hacking event that occurred a few months ago.

The FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners online system was hacked that prompted its outage. Concerns about the vulnerability of drivers’ and examiners’ data were raised. But the FMCSA on January 9 ensured that the data was protected, and apparently, nothing sensitive was stolen.

“There was no evidence of exposure of the personal information of drivers, medical examiners or motor carrier operators,”…

Three top 250 fleets announce pay increase for drivers
Three of the top 250 fleets announce pay increase for their drivers

Three more large fleets in America’ list of top 250 fleets have announced pay increase for drivers. These three fleets now join a number of other trucking businesses that have recently announced pay increases for their drivers.

The improvement in revenue and, therefore, driver salaries is being attributed to better market conditions after the enforcement of the ELD mandate. Moreover, with electronic logging devices, fleet managers are in a better position to efficiently plan and manage their vehicles — which reduces administrative burden as well as operational cost.

Nearly all of the publicly listed carriers said that their income and revenue…

National Electric Contractors Association (NECA) seeks ELD exemption for drivers
National Electric Contractors Association (NECA) seeks ELD exemption for drivers

The National Electrical Contractors Association, or NECA, which represents 4000 members, has filed an ELD exemption request.

The application was recently submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, requesting an exemption from the ELD mandate for the NECA members.

The application doesn’t mention the number of commercial vehicles that the exemption would apply to, but the NECA has stated that one of its “large” contractors fleet comprises of 13,766 commercial vehicles.

NECA demands the ELD exemption on the grounds that driving is a secondary job responsibility for its drivers. Their primary job is carrying out…

OOIDA asks the FMCSA to make the 14-hour rule more flexible
OOIDA asks the FMCSA to make the 14-hour rule more flexible

OOIDA is asking the FMCSA to modify the hours-of-service rules and make the 14-hour rule more flexible for commercial drivers.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) specifically asked in a petition to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a pause of the drivers’ 14-hour clock for up to three hours. OOIDA also asked to abolish the 30-minute break requirement.

The current regulations are overly complex, provide no flexibility and in no way reflect the physical capabilities or limitations of individual drivers. They force drivers to be on the road when they are tired or fatigued, during busy…

A recent report by FreightWaves lists the least productive areas for truckers
A recent report by FreightWaves lists the least productive areas for truckers

A recent report by FreightWaves revealed the least productive cities for truckers. The cities mentioned in this list consume an unreasonably large portion of truckers’ daily time during loading and unloading.

The ELD data collected by FreightWaves is valuable in terms of highlighting the extended detention time issue — which limits the driving time and earning potential of commercial drivers.

According to FreightWaves, the data was collected from over 150 sources and represent $260 billion of freight.

Of all the areas that FreightWaves analyzed (and they only analyzed areas that fulfilled certain criteria), Washington D.C. was…

Is drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving?
Is drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving?

Truck drivers must get enough sleep because drowsy driving could be as perilous as drunk driving.

This was revealed by the comprehensive drowsy driving study done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the first of its kind to be conducted in the U.S., which analyzed dashboard camera footages of commercial drivers who drive on a daily basis.

The research revealed that the rate of crashes as a result of drowsiness “is 8 times higher than federal estimates.”

A big safety issue

AAA’s researchers examined footages of drivers’ faces three minutes before a crash.

By measuring “the percentage of time a…

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